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Trail Rides


Tired of the weekly grind and need to get away?  Are you looking for some special time with your honey?  Do you want to make some special memories with your family?

Our trail rides build memories that last a lifetime and our night time, full moon rides are an extra something special!

Trail rides start at $59 per rider for 1 hour.





Riding Lessons

aug2010095Lessons usually take place weekly but alternate schedules are available. The fee is $50 per hour or $30 for half an hour. Students usually sign up in for a 12 weeks or three month block of lessons. For the sake of the riders and horses, lessons are capped at one hour in length.
(Gift certificates are available!)

Lessons start with a safety discussion, how to walk with a horse, your basic horse sense. Sometimes instructors work with students on how to overcome their fears, knowledge is the key. At Hollow Tree Ranch students start riding right away, and learn about equipment, saddling up, etc.

lesson close 300

We prefer to start our students out bareback to help riders find their horse muscles and relax while riding. Soon you are riding solo in the training circle, weaving between obstacles, riding over a log trail and more. A priority is to teach students how to slow down and keep control of your horse AND yourself.





Therapeutic Riding

therapy3 300

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Lessons are for students w/disabilities that want to leant how to ride, or that want to enjoy a different form of physical therapy. This wonderful experience helps students with communication skills, physical balance, core muscle building, self confidence and social skills. Lessons are for students of all ages and have proven beneficial to people with autism, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome and other issues.

What should you expect? A typical lesson starts with how to prepare your horse for riding including cleaning, equipment handling and more. Safety is always on our minds, all students are required to wear a helmet (we have helmets or you can provide your own).

After students learn how to put tack on they mount their horse as a solo rider or with an assistant if needed. In no time they are learning the fundamentals of walking, stopping and turning their horse. Later they move to trotting, applying their skills while trotting, then eventually at a cantor or full gallop if they like.




Event Hosting

Hollow Tree Ranch is a great place to host a relaxing country-style birthday party or gathering. Birthday parties are designed for ten children, last two hours, and cost $500. Usually the kids ride first and have their celebration afterwards. But here is an important difference from the chain birthday party places: you can stay and enjoy the ranch as long as you like after your two hours with the horses. Feel free to enjoy the 20+ acres, fire up the grill, and soak in the beautiful country atmosphere.





Roping Lessons

roping 300Roping lessons are offered in either a group setting or as private sessions.  The group sessions take place every Thursday at 6pm and last an hour. If you’ve missed the beginning, don’t worry! You can join the class at any time. The cost of your first lesson will include registration and the rope that you will keep and practice with.

During class you will learn how to coil, hold and handle your rope, then you learn the art of aiming and throwing. First an orange cone is used, then a roping ground dummy is introduced. As skills progress, the difficulty is increased. For students interested in riding they can combine riding with roping and progress to the mechanical roping dummy.

The goal for all lessons is to have fun! However, if you have a desire to compete as a rider or roper, Hollow Tree Ranch can help you reach your goals.



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a little 'bout us

Our Mission

prancing pony

Some folks ask us, "why do you do what you do?"

The short answer is that we're blossoming where the Lord planted us and we're using the talents He's given us to serve those in need.


Our mission is provide training and physical therapy through our horses in a family friendly environment.


The Owners

Jeff and Raylene

Jeff Oliver is the founder and owner of the Hollow Tree Ranch. He is a God-fearing man who loves to serve others by teaching roping and riding as well as by sharing his own life lessons.

Raylene is Jeff's treasured bride and helper. She handles the coordination and scheduling of activities on the ranch.

Together they are the team that makes Hollow Tree Ranch the little slice of heaven that it is.


The Ranch

horse bathHollow Tree Ranch is a God-inspired slice of Hill Country heaven where our horses train riders on more than just equestrian skills. This easily accessible ranch of more than 20 acres of beautiful Texas land offers visitors solitude, peace and an escape from their hectic lives. Jeff and Raylene Oliver live on and operate Hollow Tree Ranch. A wide range of enjoyable activities are available with the focus on horses and people working together. Riding lessons, roping lessons, phyiscal therapy and events such as birthday parties and barbecue’s are all available.

Learn more about how we can serve you by exploring the site or simply Contact Us.


Why "Hollow Tree Ranch"

hollowtree2Once upon a time there was a curious little boy who wondered if a tree was hollow. After some research, a survey of the tree with a flashlight and some contingency planning, a plan was crafted.

With the help of his big brother the boy climbed scaled the tree and then climbed down into it. He reached the bottom safely. Mission accomplished! But when it was time to be lifted out of the tree via the safety rope secured around his waist, he found that he was unable to get out. His cowboy boots prevented him from bending his feet as needed to work his way out, and there was not enough room for him to stretch his arms and legs to generate the leverage needed to escape. No matter how hard big brother pulled, the boy would not budge.

Eventually dad was informed and came to the realization that a chainsaw was the answer. At first the plan was to take the entire tree down with the boy still inside. Sure, it would be a big bump, but he would be free. After all, that tree needed to be removed anyway so why not kill two birds with one stone? Or one chainsaw.

Mother intervened and an alternate plan was developed. A piece of rebar was hammered into the tree trunk for the boy to stand on and dad cut a hole at the base of the tree. The boy was free and a lesson was learned.

Much like life, sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations no matter how well we plan. However, The Father is always watching over us and when we rely on Him, we can pull ourselves out of any holes we find ourselves in.


Privacy Policy

Your personal information is confidential.

It is the policy of Hollow Tree Ranch to never sell any information about you - either personal information you provide or information that is collected automatically. We will only share information as required by law or with your expressed written consent.

Our website collects some information automatically (which pages you view, your IP address, the host name, and browser type you are using) and we will not sell this information with others or share it except as required by law.

This policy applies to the HollowTreeRanch.com website as well as all of our related domains and sites.  We reserve the right at any time and without notice to change this Privacy Policy simply by posting such changes on our site. Any such change will be effective immediately upon posting.


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