Tired of the weekly grind and need to get away?  Are you looking for some special time with your honey?  Do you want to make some special memories with your family? Our trail rides build memories that last a lifetime. 

Each trail ride last about 1 hour and we can schedule up to 12 riders. Our trail guides have been training with these horses for over 5 years. Some trail guides may be small, but they are mighty. 

 The age limit for our single trail riders is 5 years old. No exceptions.  Additionally, the weight limit to ride our horses is 230 lbs.  If you have any questions or need any clarification, please contact us at hollowtreeranch@gmail.com

Trail rides start at $55 per rider for 1 hour.

For additional time, Contact Us for pricing details.

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Gift Cards are available!

Military Discounts are available at 10%. Please show your military ID on point of sale. 

 TLDR: 1 hr ride $55/rider *age and weight limits apply