At Hollow Tree Ranch we are in the business of setting up our students for success!

This is why we provide a couple of different class options based on the student's skill level and availability.



Foundation Courses (2x week) 1 hr/lesson

All of our new clients interested in Beginner or Novice Foundation courses (2x week) are able to schedule a call with the team HERE.  New clients interested in Intermediate or Advance courses (2x week) will need to schedule an evaluation with Jeff Oliver.
Each reoccurring student will participate in a skills test to advance to the next level the 1st week of every other month (eg January, March, May) the day of their lesson. 

Pony Club (1x week) 

Pony club is for students of all ages who are only interested in 30 minute courses or 1 hour courses, 1x week



All lessons are scheduled month to month. New clients starting the 1st week of the month

Fall Semester 2018 (August - November) & Spring Semester 2018 (January - May) 

 *** don't worry! You are able to register your student in the middle of the semester! 



Please see schedule and pricing below: 

Pony Club:

meets every friday


Lil' Ponys

4:00pm - 4:30pm | less than 5 yrs

30 min - $160/mo



5:00pm - 6:00 pm | 5 years+ 

1 hour - $240/mo



Group Lessons Meet 2x a week

 ALl $360/mo


Beginners | Less than 1 yr riding experience

Monday & Wednesday 

Day classes: 9am - 10am  

Evening classes: 4PM - 5pm  

Novice |  1-2 yrs riding experience

Monday & WEdnesday

Day classes: 10am - 11pm

Evening classes: 5pm - 6pm 

Intermediate | 3-4 yRS experience & evaluations

Tuesday & Thursday 


Evening only: 4:00p - 5:00pm 

Advanced - 5+ years experience or placed by evaluations

Tuesday & Thursday 


Evening Only: 5:00p - 6ppm