Therapeutic Horseback Riding Lessons are for students with disabilities who want to learn how to ride, or who want to enjoy different forms of physical therapy. This wonderful experience helps students with communication skills, physical balance, core muscle building, self confidence and social skills. Lessons are for students of all ages and are proven beneficial to students with autism, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome and other issues.

What should you expect? A typical lesson starts preparing your horse for riding, cleaning, equipment handling and more. Safety is always on our minds, all students are required to wear a helmet. Helmets are provided.

After students learn how to put tack on, they mount their horse as a solo rider or with an assistant if needed. In no time they are learning the fundamentals of walking, stopping and turning their horse. Later they move to trotting, applying their skills while trotting, then eventually at a cantor or full gallop.


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