Once there was a curious little boy who wondered if the tree in front of his house was hollow. After great research, surveying the tree with a flashlight and contingency planning, a strategy was crafted.

With the supervision of his big brother the boy climbed up and carefully lowered himself into the tree. With ease, he reached the bottom safely. Mission accomplished! He inspected the interior of the tree with pride, having fed his curiosity to fulfillment he was ready to be lifted out. When the time came to be lifted out of the tree,via the safety rope secured around his waist, he found that he was unable to get out. He struggled with his own cowboy boots that prevented him escaping. Terrified, his big brother pulled, jerked, yanked the boy would not budge.

Defeated, they had to get Dad involved. He came to the realization that a chainsaw was the answer. At first the plan was to take the entire tree down with the boy still inside. Sure, it would be a big bump, but he would be free. After all, that tree needed to be removed anyway so why not kill two birds with one stone? Or one chainsaw.

Mother intervened and a better plan was presented, afterall this was her baby boy we're talking about.  A piece of rebar was hammered into the tree trunk for the boy to stand on and Dad cut a hole at the base of the tree. The boy was free and a lesson was learned.

Much like life, sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations no matter how well we plan. However, The Father is always watching over us and when we rely on Him, we can pull ourselves out of any holes we find ourselves in.